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History – Leopold's Furniture


“LEOPOLD BROTHERS FURNITURE, established in 1859 by Henry Leopold, a German immigrant, has been continuously operated by the family. In 1985 it was one of the oldest furniture stores in America. Burdened by a $41 debt for his passage to Cleveland in 1853, Henry Leopold worked as a cabinetmaker for six years before opening a small furniture shop at Lorain and Green in 1859. Because he did not have the capital to invest in stock of ready-made furniture, he made his own in the store basement–along with caskets, his staple item–and sold both to the immigrants who settled in the neighborhood. Leopold built furniture until his death, but by the 1880’s, most of the stock was purchased from furniture companies as the needs of the growing city increased. After a fire in 1871, Leopold rebuilt the store nearby at 234-236 Lorain, where the business remained until 1926, when it moved to Lorain and West 30th. In 1946 it occupied the old John Marshall High School building at 15149 Lorain. Though some of the institutional trappings were removed, the classrooms were left in place to permit showing the furniture in room arrangements. Additional floor space and parking were added in 1961. In 1985 the firm operated both the Lorain facility and a second store at 8149 Brecksville Road.”

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